Orang Utan Coffee Tour

Orang Utan Coffee Tour

Orang Utan Coffee Tour

Orang Utan Coffee Tour 2019

The next tour into the land of coffeefarmers takes place from 22nd February to 1st March 2019. Let us take you to the land of coffeefarmers in Sumatra!

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In cooperation with the Indonesian government and the German Zoological Society of Frankfurt, the PanEco foundation runs SOCP, the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme. It is the only comprehensive programme for the protection of the Sumatran orangutan. With our Orang Utan Coffee Project, we aim to derive financial benefits from coffee sales to support PanEco’s Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, thereby linking conservation and green business.

Once or twice a year we offer coffee tours for anyone interested to join. Our tours offer a glimpse behind the scene: In the unique nature of Sumatra, you will have the opportunity to visit the coffee gardens of our Orang Utan Coffee farmers, taste freshly roasted Orang Utan Coffee – brewed by local coffee professionals – and have a chat with our partners on site. You will trace the path of our coffee berries from the tree to the bean ready to be shipped. 

Dr. Ian Singleton, a leading orangutan expert and our primatologist on site, will tell you all about the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to observe wild ranging orangutans in the famous Gunung Leuser National Park and experience the fascinating tropical rainforest.