Thursday, November 15, 2018 from 6pm

Lecture Evening Rainforest Protection and Orang Utan Coffee

With every kilogram of sold green coffee we support the conservation of the orangutans and the rainforest in Sumatra. Now you have got the chance to get to know, the SOCP, our supported conservationprogramme! Our partner, the PanEco Foundation, invites the head of their SOCP, Dr. Ian Singleton, on a lecture series in Switzerland. We combine that with information about Orang Utan Coffee.

We invite all our roasters, fans and coffee lovers to the following lecture:

  • Bern, Switzerland
    When: Thu, 15.11.2018 from 6pm
    Where: Bern, Vivarium of the zoo Dählhölzli
    Organizer: Orang Utan Coffee and zoo Dählhölzli
    Program: Admission from 6 pm, short lectures by Dr. Schildger (zoo Dählhölzli), Orang Utan Coffee (Regina Frey) and Dr. Ian Singleton
  • More public events on rainforest protection with Dr. Ian Singleton can be found at our partners website.

Coffee Tour

Orang Utan Coffee Tour

You can support us by joining one of our coffee tours, which offer a glimpse behind the scene: Visit the coffee gardens of our Orang Utan Coffee farmers in the unique nature of Sumatra, taste freshly roasted Orang Utan Coffee, have a chat with our partners on site and trace the path of our coffee berries from the tree to the bean ready to be shipped.

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