The Orang Utan Coffee Project

Due to intensive agricultural development and rapid deforestation, orangutans loose their natural habitat. The greatest threat is the rapid expansion of the palm oil plantation industry at the expense of rainforests.

The advancing destruction of tropical rainforests is threatening the existence of both orangutans and farmers alike. The Orang Utan Coffee Project helps farmers operate ecologically friendly coffee plantations without clearing rainforests.

Profits from the sale of Orang Utan Coffee are invested in organic certification, trainings such as organic farming methods, coffee production and processing, marketing, infrastructure and facilities such as processing, storage, and transport.

Our goal is to sell enough Orang Utan Coffee to provide effective and long-lasting support for the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) as well as for the coffee smallholders.

50cent Regenwald

The Orang Utan coffee growers receive a bonus of at least 0.50 EUR/kg of green bean for their commitment to protect the tropical rainforest and cultivate the coffee according to the strict Orang Utan Guidelines.

50cent Orang Utan

PanEco receives a bonus of at least 0.50 EUR per kg green bean of exported Orang Utan coffee to support the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP).