Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP

Since 1999, the PanEco Foundation has been campaigning for the conservation of the endangered orangutans and their habitat on Sumatra with the SOCP. Injured, orphaned, and illegal pets are nursed at the rescue station and prepared for later re-introduction into the protected rainforest. The SOCP fights, often in alliance with other environmental NGOs, for the preservation of the dwindling rainforests, the orangutan habitat, operates four biodiversity research centres and is building and continuously extending the “Orangutan Haven.” In addition, the organization supports and coaches three Environmental Education Centres (PPLHs) in North Sumatra, East Java, and South Sulawesi.

SOCP activities:

▪ Orangutans kept illegally as pets or endangered for other reasons, are confiscated from their owners and given medical treatment in the SOCP rescue and nursing station. There they are medically cared for, raised, and socialised appropriately.

▪ Ready to be reintroduced, the animals are transported in small groups to the reintroduction stations in protected areas. The release process is closely monitored: the great apes are monitored by special teams upon release into the protected rainforest.

▪ In cooperation with institutions and universities, the SOCP explores the orangutans and their Sumatran rainforest. 

▪ For the apes that cannot be released into the wild, the Orangutan Haven offers a habitat modelled after nature.

The premium generated by the sale of Orang Utan Coffee covers approximately 10% of the annual SOCP expenditure.