Orang Utan Standard

How to ensure our vision comes true

The Orang Utan Standard was developed in the framework of our Orang Utan Coffee project. We recognised very early that our expectations towards the sustainability of the project, in particular  the protection of the tropical rainforest, could best be realised with our own standard. That is why we designed our own Orang Utan Standard at the start of the project in 2012 and continuously developed it since.
Our farmers are selected according to the specifications of our Orang Utan Standard and are inspected and certified annually. This verification also applies to the other stakeholders in the supply chain.  The certification body bio.inspecta AG, based in Switzerland,  has the mandate to continuously check and ensure the quality of our products in production, processing and trade.
With WORLD-TRACE, we have a unique online traceability system in place, which ensures the correct origin of the products and allows traceability from the point of sale back to the individual farmer. Our customers thus have maximum assurance that the Orang Utan products deliver what they promise in every respect.
Orang Utan Regenwald GmbH is committed to a holistic sustainable approach and thus to social and ecological responsibility, including resource and climate protection as well as the preservation of biodiversity. In Indonesia, the Indonesian Organic Standards (SNI) apply as the basis for the cultivation and processing of the products on site.