Your coffee, their future, our nature – take responsibility

Our Orang Utan Coffee project combines species and habitat conservation with sustainable coffee production and corporate social responsibility.

We take responsibility for a  transparent, fair, and sustainable coffee production – from the plantation to the roaster. Our mission is the protection of orangutans and their rainforest habitat along with securing the livelihood of a growing community of over 350 smallholder farmers in Gayo Highland Aceh, northern Sumatra.


Our most important partners are the approximately 350 smallholder farmers who produce consistent, high quality coffee, in compliance with EU Organic Standards while also being committed to protect the rainforest and its wildlife. We empower our farmers to produce certified organic coffee. This long-term process ensures traceability, as well as social and ecological sustainability. With support from coffee experts and thanks to our OUC-roasters and OUC-fans, who contributed to a successful crowdfunding, post-harvest processes and infrastructures are continually improved.


Today, only 20% of the original Indonesian lowland rainforest habitat of the orangutans is left. That habitat once stretched across the entire island of Sumatra. Our aim is to protect the orangutan population by preserving the remaining rainforest and securing the livelihood of a growing community of smallholder farmers in the Gayo Highland.
A premium of 50 cents per kg of exported green beans goes to the farmer for his extra efforts in complying with organic and nature conservation standards. An equal premium goes to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP, a joint initiative of the Indonesian NGO YEL and Swiss PanEco Foundation in partnership with the Indonesian government.


A biologist and three coffee experts have come together to drive this ambitious project forward. The motivation is the sustained support of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme – an important contributor to the protection of the last 14,000 orangutans and their rainforest habitat in Sumatra – and the continuous advancement of smallholder farmers who improve their livelihood by growing Orang Utan Coffee and simultaneously protecting the rainforest. 

Annual report 2020

We are happy presenting you our
annual report 2020!

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