Coffee gin at the Kaffeemänner

Our Kaffeemänner from Saxony-Anhalt have come up with something special. Experimenting with aromas and products is part of the passion of Kaffeemänner, a coffee gin with roasted Orang Utan Coffee and five other botanicals was created.

In the search for a suitable producer, they have, after some refuse, found a wonderful partner in the sächsischen Spiritousenmanufaktur, who have ventured into the project and implemented it excellently. A strong gin, the first taste is juniper and a coffee note in the background, accompanied by coriander, lemon zest, cardamom and rose blossom.

Still looking for a special Christmas gift? The Green Monkey Gin can be ordered directly from the Kaffeemänner or is also available at some local bars and delicatessen.