Rare and sought-after beans: Our Zurheide Feine Kost roasters reveals exclusive insights

Zurheide’s coffee manufactory: bean rarities from our own roastery

We use a Probat 25 kg roasting machine in our store on Nürnberger Straße.
Together with four colleagues, we roast around 50 tons per year, which equates to around 900 kg per week. We supply five Edeka branches owned by the Zurheide family and also produce for our catering outlets, including a special blend for the gourmet restaurant “Setzkasten” gourmet restaurant. The roastery has been in existence since 2009 and has grown considerably since then.

It is very important to us to maintain a personal relationship with our customers. We are happy to advise them directly in the roastery so that everyone can find their perfect coffee – be it in terms of preparation methods, flavors or other concerns.
With a proud 38 varieties from 18 countries of origin, including five directly traded coffees, we offer a wide selection. This means that we buy directly from farms or cooperatives.

Some examples of this are:
• Kenya AA Kiptebes
• Guatemala Organic
• El Salvador El Barbaro
• Colombia La Aldea
• Sumatra Orang Utan

As far as roasting is concerned, we use batches of 15 kg to 25 kg in our Probatone 25 roasting machine, which is made by the renowned Probat company from Emmerich am Rhein.
The machine integrates advanced roasting technology by allowing precise control of temperatures and roasting times. This is crucial to achieving the desired flavor profiles and meeting even the most demanding requirements.
The result: the highest quality coffees with precise flavor nuances and aromas.

Always the coffee rarity that connoisseurs are looking for Zurheide Feine Kost is one of the largest and best supermarkets in Germany on the Rhine and Ruhr. Its award-winning retail concept redefines the shopping experience. Coffee lovers looking for something special will find what they are looking for at Zurheide’s Düsseldorf coffee roastery on Nürnberger Straße in Reisholz.

Around 40 high-quality coffee varieties are waiting to be discovered there, so fine and rare that they only make up three percent of the world’s harvest. These include such coveted rarities as the exotic Sumatra Orang Utan, the full-bodied El Salvador El Barbaro, the aromatic Colombia La Aldea and the well-balanced Guatemala organic highland coffee, known for its first-class Arabica coffee beans.
Each of these coffee delicacies is of exquisite quality. It goes without saying that the fine beans are also traditionally roasted by hand and air-cooled to preserve their aroma.

More and more restaurants and offices are therefore not only ordering their coffee from Zurheide, but often an individual coffee creation to go with it. Because a blend from Zurheide adds prestige to any establishment.Full-bodied, individual compositions are in vogue and also make the perfect Christmas present.