Café Richard – a long tradition

Cafés Richard is part of the French tradition of expert coffee roasters inspired by the rich reputation of French gastronomy and fine wines. Selection of green coffee beans, traceability, a rigorous transformation process, and numerous quality controls are all part of the work as a coffee roaster and creator of unique blends and single origins, using sophisticated, state of the art equipment.

Cafés Richard mag Teil der französischen Tradition sein, verwendet jedoch modernste Technologien gepaart mit der jahrzehntelangen menschlichen Erfahrung, um optimale Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Heute sind sie führend im Bereich Fair Trade Kaffee auf dem Horeca-Markt (HOtel/REstaurant/CAfé) und beabsichtigen, ihr Engagement fortzusetzen. Ihr Fokus liegt auf

Cafés Richard may be part of the French tradition, yet nonetheless uses modern technologies coupled with the decades of human experience to achieve optimal results. Today, they are the leader in fair trade coffee in the Horeca market (HOtel/REstaurant/CAfé)and fully intend to continue with their commitments. Their focus is on the need to respect and to take care of people and of our planet and have been roasting Fair Trade and organic coffees for more than 20 years.

After many years in the wine business, in the 1950’s the Richard family created the coffee roasting business and today it is still a family-run business. It all started in the Paris region and now they supply to over 50.000 clients all over France with a wide range of exclusive blends and single origins, whole bean and ground coffees as well as espresso pods. In 2005, they started to export coffee to 40 different countries, especially for those who love the famous “French touch… French taste”. 

The special focus of the project and the love of Sumatran coffee was the motivation to be a part of the Orang Utan Coffee Project. Since 2013, Cafés Richard is one of our first roasting partners. After an amazing trip to Sumatra, Michael McCauley fell in love with the project. It was not just about the coffee, it was about everything behind it. “You have to see it firsthand to understand the impact.”

Cafés Richard roasts 10 tons of Orang Utan Coffee per year which is supplied to cafés, hotels, restaurants, and also its boutiques. The coffee has received quite a lot of positive feedback thanks to its special flavor profile and the strong resonance that this project has towards the environment, the people of Sumatra, and the respect of its rich and unique biodiversity.

We talked to Michael McCauley, who has been part of the Cafés Richard Team for 24 years: “I have seen the numerous benefits of this project and also the excellent quality specifications of this coffee.  We are very proud to be an historic partner in this absolutely wonderful project. Orang Utan coffee is not only very good but also DOES so much good!”.

He is looking very forward to his next visit to Sumatra!