We are pleased to introduce you to our newest Orang Utan Coffee partner: MARARBANS. Founded in Can Picafort, Mallorca, MARABANS COFFEE & TEA has always stood for the Mediterranean lifestyle. Their aim is to transform an everyday event into a unique moment for coffee lovers and create an authentic experience. We are driven by our great customers who appreciate the uniqueness, personal touches and innovation that go into all our products and services.

“We met Orang Utan Coffee because we were looking for an authentic organic and ecological coffee with added value. Our partner Jordi (from Dibar Café) was the person who told us about this coffee, its great qualities (not only its genuine taste) but also everything behind it, the “Orangutan Project“ and immediately we loved all:  the concept and the project, and especially the taste.”

“At Marabans we have always been involved in sustainability; our capsules are compostable, we were the first coffee company in Mallorca to change plastic cups for compostable cups, and we do the same with other products. For these reasons, when we tried the coffee and learned about all that it entailed, we didn’t hesitate for a moment to become part of your family… of your “Orangutan Project”.”