Introduce Seeberger

Seeberger’s work has been bearing fruit for over 175 years. And nuts. And coffee!

The family company from Ulm has dedicated itself entirely to high quality dry fruits since the company was founded in 1844. With Seeberger Professional, moments of pleasure move into gastronomy, hotels, canteens, offices and production companies. As one of the oldest coffee roasters in Germany, Seeberger Professional is a nationwide concept and solution provider with a comprehensive full service from a single source

In short: Seeberger ensures lasting enjoyment.

For Seeberger, sustainability is tradition and future at the same time. Social, ecological and economic responsibility is an essential part of Seeberger’s quality. Not only for the nuts & dried fruits in the eye-catching orange packaging, which are successful in the trade, but also for the coffee business. For the Seeberger company, sustainability means building and maintaining long-term partnerships with suppliers, customers and employees and thus influencing sustainable cultivation and the working and living conditions of the local people.

By joining the orangutan coffee project, Seeberger is pursuing its own sustainability concept: rainforest and species protection, as well as sustainable cultivation and social responsibility – from the plantation to the roaster. With the unique Single Origin Coffee, the company ensures a high level of transparency in the supply chain and precise traceability of the green coffee.

The company relies on gentle long-term drum roasting, so that all the aromas of the unique coffee beans can unfold. The orangutan coffee is characterized by a special honey, fruity and nutty aroma with fine notes of nectarine and pecans. Whole beans are sold exclusively to restaurants, hotels, canteens and offices as well as in the Seeberger Genusswelt in the

250 g Seeberger Doypack with an attached product card. Appropriate advertising material such as table stands and posters convey the story and appeal for support of the project to the guest.

Seeberger donates the well-known bonus of one Euro for every kilogram of green coffee exported. Sales start in August 2021 in line with the motto “Enjoy and do good”.​