Introduce: Fare Tredici

Nassim Schäfer is the founder, roaster and owner of Fare Tredici and her company has been in the coffee industry since 2002. It all started with an espresso bar, based on the Italian original, with the sale of Italian brands, machines and accessories. In search ofprofessional development, paired with a passion for coffee, being a hostess and serving coffee shouldn’t be everything. Nassim wanted to roast coffee – to determine and influence what is served and sold. In 2010/2011 it finally started.

A presentation about coffee from Sumatra fascinated her so much that she wanted to learn more about the project and Orang Utan Coffee.

“It took another two years until the partnership came about, but I couldn’t hide the joy about my first bag of Orang Utan Coffee”. I am proud to support this project, „said Nassim Schäfer. “Next year, we will be able to work with a new roaster in a converted, old barn. We want to outsource the production, because a small shop with a roaster quickly reaches its limits. For us, sustainability and upcycling are the order of the day. We love to breathe new life into old things. This is reflected in the current roastery, in an old half-timbered house in Limburg, and will continue in our new project.

The pandemic has thrown us back but will not stop us from picking up where we stopped. My team and myself attach great importance to sustainability and the preservation of our nature. With all our possibilities we work in our little kingdom and try to make the world a little bit better.”