We talk with Marc Paluch from Heilandt roastery

The Heilandt roastery in Cologne was founded in 2010 and has been an Orang Utan Coffee partner from the very beginning. They participated in one of the first trips to Sumatra and, as a former agency, developed the original Orang Utan Coffee logo.

In the meantime, almost 70 tons of green coffee per year are roasted on the 30kg Giessen roaster in Cologne and for almost 2 years now, 100% of the roasted green coffee is direct trade – almost all of it from micro lots. The Orang Utan coffee was one of the first directly traded coffees in their range, which now comprises around 20 coffees. For Heilandt, this is a matter of the heart and the only right way! 

Particularly impressive was the visit to Wih Bersih during the first Sumatra trip, when an orangutan coffee farmer lived with his family in a simple wooden hut in the fields, and on the second visit a few years later, when he invited a whole tour group to his newly built house. 

Very important for Heilandt is the appreciation of the product and the work involved, as well as the convincing approach to producing good quality. This should be rewarded accordingly.

The direct destruction of the landscape and the habitat of many native animal and plant species became very clear during the visit to Sumatra. 

SOCP’s energy to counteract the threat to the life cycle and thus, of course, to the orangutans, makes the project even more worthy of support.

Heilandt coffee can not only be found in the roastery, in the two coffee shops and the coffee bar at the Sports University in Cologne, but Heilandt’s Orang Utan Coffee is also served in the ZOOM Erlebniswelt in Gelsenkirchen (we reported) and in Münster Zoo.