Almalomb from Hungary

May we introduce our latest Orang Utan Coffee Roaster member from Hungary Almalomb.

Almalomb is a 18th century water mill, it is a family heritage. The old mill is no longer functional, it is turned into Almalomb Culinary Retreat & Meeting place, housing a restaurant, an event place and an apartment house opened to the public in 2015. In 2021 They embarked on a new journey: Almalomb Coffee was born. 

Almalomb Coffee is a family business, stemming from the same passion for authenticity, honest simplicity, and outstanding quality Almalomb Culinary Retreat & Meeting Place stands for. Their goal is to bring the perfect coffee experience to as many homes as possible, in a simple and environmentally friendly way.

In doing so, they intend to generate a moment along a great coffee, sharing the story from farm to cup. The joy in a cup of coffee to make life better!

They established a small factory with the best coffee processing technology from Italy. Almalomb cover the full process from green beans to ready to be brewed coffee in various forms, according to your preferred brewing method and coffee drinking habits. They source green beans, then test them to define the roast profile which brings the best out of each variety to offer a sortiment of unique, high quality, affordable coffees. They do not define themselves as specialty coffee roastery, however they source the best affordable coffees from around the world, which often qualify to the definition of specialty coffee. Almalomb offer beans, and coffee grinded to the desired level of fineness, if you have the equipment and interest to brew your own coffee. They produce also capsules, the coffee capsules are made with Zero Impact, home compostable Nespresso compatible capsules, with high oxygen barrier and flashed with nitrogen to retain the aromas longer. 

Almalomb also offer private label production services, if you wish to have your own coffee brand or coffee capsules, but you do not have the technology or the capacity. The operation is scalable in terms of volume and complexity. 

“We hope you will enjoy our products in Almalomb Culinary Retreat and Meeting Place or, order them to your home from Some people drink coffee to go through the day. We go through the day to have a great cup of coffee.”